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New article in Comedy Studies

I’m delighted to share that my article “Red-Nosed Fantasies of the Future: a framework for social justice-informed performance creation in the Mump and Smoot Lineage of the Pochinko tradition of clowning” has been published in the journal Comedy Studies!

Abstract: This article contextualises a specific lineage of the Pochinko tradition of clowning – which the author refers to as the Mump and Smoot Lineage – before offering an analysis of Judith Butler’s argument for the necessity of fantasy in social change. Putting these two analyses into dialogue, the article offers provocations and theories as to how clowning might provide a fruitful avenue for social justice-motivated fantasy as it is described by Judith Butler. The paper asks and offers responses to two central questions. Firstly, how might understanding clowning’s relationship to social justice pursuits be of use to those creating clown performances? Secondly, how can the practice and craft of the Mump and Smoot Lineage of the Pochinko Tradition of Cowning (MSLPTC) work in service of social justice aims? The author argues that the methodologies of this lineage do not require great alterations to work in meaningful service of social justice aims; the use of a message to the world, the focus on imaginative embodiment, and many of the lineage’s rules are easily deployed in service of social justice-oriented creation. In making these assertions, the author articulates a hope for further research into clowning and its intersections with social justice practice and also that clown practitioners might use their existing practices to further social justice goals.

NOTE: If you do not have institutional access of face other barriers to accessing this, please contact me through Embrace Theatre.