Published Work


“Another Life.” Poetry All Over The Floor. Tonight It’s Poetry Press. (2017) Print.

“Inheritance.” Silence. Issue 6 (March-April 2016): 7. Print.

“Aurora Above The City.” Silence. Issue 3 (August-September 2015): 7. Print.

Pigeon on a London Street.” The Fieldstone Review. Issue 5 (2012): n. pag. Web.

“The Astronomy of Friends and Strangers.” Windscript. Issue 24 (2008): 22. Print.


Theatre, Clown, and Physical Comedy… Online?” Howlround, 17 August 2020.

“Work as Salvation: Eureka’s Angel in the House, A Director’s Experience.” Selected Papers of the Twenty-Second Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf,  edited by Ann Martin and Kathryn Holland. Clemeston University Digital Press, 2013, pp. 171-176.


Charlie has also written articles on theatre for Flow Magazine and Playworks (published by the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre).

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